LBC family,
How are we to respond to the coronavirus? That question has been running through my brain. Is this fake news? Is this political? Are people really at risk? Social media will answer each of these questions for you in millions of ways. I am not a doctor, nor am I a nurse. So how should we, leaders at the church, proceed on a medical issue? Below are some thoughts on how we, the Body of LBC, can proceed.

First, trust God. Last night I read through Isaiah 12 and was encouraged to place my trust in God and nowhere else. Because “God is my salvation,” Isaiah says, “I will trust, and will not be afraid” (Isa 12:2).


Second, pray. Pray for the lost. If you did not know the Lord and if you had no hope beyond the grave, wouldn’t you be panic-stricken? Pray for them. Pray that Christians, especially those of us at LBC, will show the world the hope we have.

Third, be aware. From what I have read from the WHO and CDC is that this virus is very, very contagious. It may not be as deadly as others, but it is very infectious. Thus if you are sick, please stay home. Wash your hands…with soap. Take all the precautionary steps that medical professionals are encouraging.

Also, be aware of our brothers and sisters around us. Some that are hourly workers might be sent home and will then have no way to make money. Some might struggle to make ends meet. Be aware of how you can help them and please, I beg you, please let us know of the need as well so we can monitor how we can assist. Should a brother/sister be sent home and lose their paycheck, we have to know, and we have to help. We are family.

Lastly, be aware of what changes may come. We will keep our website and Facebook page updated. 

To that end, we are canceling everything for at least the next two weeks. The building and office will be closed, so if you need to connect with us, please contact us through email or our cell phones. Please pray for wisdom as we discuss how to proceed.

Your pastors and deacons love you. If we are erring in too much caution, please forgive us. At times I feel foolish to cancel a service for snow based on weather reports of 4-6 inches, and yet we only get half an inch. We cancel those services based on information from meteorologists who are often wrong. Yet we do so for your safety. The same is valid here. We are trusting information from medical professionals, and the prognosis isn’t a good one. I certainly hope none of it becomes a reality, but I want you, we, your church leadership, want you to be safe.

In Christ,
Michael Saunders (on behalf of the church leadership)