Our goal at Lexington Baptist is to continue encouraging students to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ through their years of Middle School, High School, and College.

Middle School students are led in weekly Bible study lessons and are encouraged to learn and memorize the Bible. They also serve a role in the church helping with ministries such as puppets, nursery, children’s church, and music.

High school students are encouraged to put the Lord first in their lives. They meet for weekly Bible studies and participate in community outreach projects like campus kitchen, adopt a highway, and the community table.

College students that attend the church meet on Sundays and other random times throughout the year. They are active in the church and the community. Whether they are pursuing a career path or a ministry path in life they are encouraged to be used of God wherever they are.

We desire to see every student that comes to LBC continue to grow spiritually even when presented with unique challenges. We realize each student has unique gifts and talents to use for Christ but that they are also faced with pressure on multiple fronts from social media, to dorm life to family struggles and everything in between. We want to show each student the love of Christ and instill within them the desire to serve the Savior with their talents even in the midst of life’s pressures.