Sunday School

Current Quarterly Adult Bible Studies

(Currently on hold)

Attributes of God

Teacher: Marion Nicely and Jason O’Mahony     Location: Chapel
This quarter, Marion and Jason will be teaching us about who God is. Each week they will teach about a different attribute of God. 

Mingling of Souls

Teachers: Clyde Harden & Alan Tilson Location: Sunday School Room 3
This is a video series by Matt Chandler that takes our adults through the book of Song of Solomon. This study is not just about intimacy, but is about relationships and how to handle them Biblically. Clyde and Alan lead a short discussion after each video.

Adult Ladies 

Teachers: Teresa Linton     Location: Room 8 (downstairs)
The Ladies Class welcomes all ladies, single or married.  The lessons are designed to make the Bible more understandable and to encourage members to apply the truth and power of God’s Word in their lives.  The class offers ladies the opportunity to join with other women to study God’s Word. 
Current topic: Covenant in God: Studies in Ruth, 1 Samuel, Matthew, John, Romans, Ephesians, and Hebrews

College Class  

Teacher: Mike Dorsey & Wayne Nicely      Location: downstairs in Generations Hall
A time of Bible study and discussion along with some breakfast foods. Van pick-up at VMI at 9:15am and pick-up at the W&L Quad at 9:30am
(meets during the college school year)

Children & Youth Classes

Infants: ages newborn – 2 years
(workers rotate each Sunday)
Location: Nursery
Beginners 1: ages 3-4 years   Location: Nursery
Rotation of Teachers: Claire Baker, Tamara Hattersley, Rachel Newhouse, Marie Nicely, Lindsay Perry, Alan & Grace Tilson
Bible stories & activities for young children from Standard Publishing’s
“Heart-Shaper” series


Primaries: Grades K5-2nd    Location: Room 11 (upstairs)
Teachers: Chrissy Godden and Sandy Hostetter
Bible stories and activities for early elementary from Standard Publishing’s
“Heart-Shaper” series


Juniors: Grades 3-6   Location: Room 20 (upstairs)
Teachers: Ginny Clements, Erin Nicely,  & Kellie Nicely
“The Edge” by Gospel Light – application of Bible stories


Youth: Grades 7-12   Location: Room 19 (upstairs)
Teachers: Ashby & Alia Clements
Studying apologetics